The truth is I don’t really care if people like me. Well, that’s not entirely true. The truth is, I don’t really care much about people who DON’T like me. I have a solid group of friends and a wonderful family who like me 80% of the time and I am pretty pleased with that. As for the acquaintances, coworkers, random strangers, or those who feel like they’re so good that they can judge others, I really couldn’t care less about them. I know I can be a little rough sometimes, and a lot of people just don’t get the whole “mean but funny” lifestyle that I follow, and that’s okay. We’re not meant to be friends if you can’t take a joke. I’m okay if you don’t care for me, hate me, or think I am a pill. I’ll live.

Now, I kind of assumed that this is how most people think. I mean, who has time to worry about what others are thinking and saying about you? Apparently a lot of people. I am constantly hearing from people who are worried about what others are doing, or saying, or even thinking. Really? Why stress about it if you don’t know for sure? Try this on for thought: not everyone is out to get you. Not everything someone does is motivated by a secret hatred toward you. If someone does something that hurts your feelings, maybe they’re just assholes, or idiots, but either way there is nothing you can do about it!

Now, let’s say you do know for sure that this person doesn’t dig you, so what? Unless they were once a really dear friend, does it really affect your life? You don’t need to be friends with everyone in the world. Frankly, I am suspicious of people with TOO many friends, there just isn’t enough time in the day to be a good friend to too many people. So, consider it a blessing that someone doesn’t like you, it gets you off the hook for having to devote time to fostering another friendship!

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