About Me

I’m a self-admitted bitch. I’m jaded and jacked up; I’m dead inside. Only I’m not. I like most people, well, some of them, okay a few! I am in the top five raddest people I know.

I feel sorry for the people around me, because I am crazy. Throughout the years, I have learned to (mostly) hold in the crazy, but I’m still not right in the head. I think gross things are funny and oftentimes sad things make me giggle nervously.

I like to sew. I love my dog. I have a pretty awesome husband. My mom is my bff. I judge people by their grammar, both written and verbal. I have crushes on men with funny mustaches (George Parros, call me!). I have recently learned to enjoy cooking. I am recovering from an education addiction, which resulted in a master’s degree. A solid night for me involves Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.


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