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An Open Letter to Lakers Fans

Let me start off by saying I am one of you. And not in the bandwagoner sense. I was born with the purple and gold running through my veins. When I played basketball, I always pretended I was a member of “Showtime.” The family dog was named Magic and it wasn’t because my dad liked pulling rabbits out of his hat. Yeah, I’m a lifer. That being said…

I hope the Lakers lose and I hope they lose hard. There. I said it.

I will tell you where to send your hate mail, but first hear me out.

I am tired of the good Lakers name being dragged through the mud. The last few years, the team has been pretty much phoning it in during the regular season. That’s NOT okay. Players should be busting their ass every single game, regardless of what month it is or who they’re playing. Not only are they letting you, the fans, down (especially the fans who pay outrageous ticket prices for nosebleed seats) but they’re letting down every kid who dreamt of hitting the winning shot wearing a purple and gold jersey. They’re letting down every Lakers alum.

As a recovering competitive athlete, I never wanted to lose, but if I did I wanted to lose with dignity. The way this Lakers team has been playing, their dignity is pretty much gone. I don’t know if the apathy is coming from the top or if it’s all within the team. But even Phil seems to have checked out. And the Black Mamba seems more garden snakey these days. I’m sure the team WANTS to win, but they’re acting like they’re owed another ring rather than working hard for it.

As a basketball fan, I would hate for them to win (or even go to the Finals) simply by resting on their laurels. It’s not fair to the teams who busted their asses for months and continue to do so. Maybe a loss in the first round will give the team the shock it needs. Maybe the owners will realize that we need to get some fresh blood in there. And maybe, just maybe, someone will start playing some mother fucking defense and start boxing the fuck out!

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