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I know, I know…

Listen, I hear yah, anoooooothhhhher blog? I promise baby, it will be different this time, I really, really mean it.

Why is it so different, well this lovely blog isn’t based on a theme or an event. It won’t end when I am done traveling in India (although, now that I think about it, I never finished that one either) and I won’t disappear when I meet someone and can no longer partake in online dating (even though the bf said I could online date for comedy sake – he heard about the rat tail!) and it won’t fizzle out when my audience doesn’t participate (apparently no one else wanted to be berated by Whackney).

This one is just me, in all my bitchy glory. I get bored easily, so I will be skipping from topic, to topic, to topic… It will still be bitchy, but it will be all me, not me hiding behind a crazy picture of Whitney Houston (Bobbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!). So, read, or don’t. Basically, I just love writing and I think some really stupid things are funny. This is just a way for me to remember all of this when I am 80.