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For awhile I was on the fence about the new Katy Perry song ET. I can admit my weakness for cheesy pop music and Katy is definitely someone I tend to like. She seems like a cool chick and I dig her hubby. She also gives me the vibe of a smart chick who knows exactly how silly she comes off. I feel like she is playing a joke on the rest of us, I am still waiting for the big, “gotcha!”

Anyway! The ET song has been questionable for me, at best. I really like the beat and the overall sound of the song, but her lyrics sound a little too childish, even for a pop song. But, I was trying to give it a shot, for Katy’s sake.

Then I really started paying attention to the Kanye part. He actually sings a lyric about probing her and how he abducted her, so she has to do what he tells her. This is way too rapey for me. I’m out. Like so many other things, Kanye has ruined it.

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